FileSearchy is a file manager application designed to work in a few different ways, so that users can find themselves covered in different areas of use. The utility has a simple interface that allows users to quickly find the tools they need so that they can start a search process right away.

FileSearchy allows users to perform more than one search at a time, this being a great advantage over the classic file manager provided by Windows Explorer. Each search process can have its own tab within the utility and even after the app is closed and reopened, the tab and its contents can be reinstated. Thus, users can allow the app to perform more searches at a time and check the results any time they want to.

FileSearchy is able to work with multiple search settings. Besides the file name, users can also provide one or more paths that can be scanned, so that large partitions do not have to be checked in their fullness. If users know a modify date or interval, they can also provide it within the app’s settings sidebar. A size range is also useful to narrow down the search results and it can be provided, while the size unit can be chosen from a drop down list. The results appear in a list as part of the main area of the interface so that users can access each file quickly.

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