FileSavvy offers a graphical method to computerize common file organization tasks. If one is fatigued of monotonous jobs like, backing up, getting files ready for development builds, collecting files for delivery or any other multifaceted however a reproducible set of file management, in that case FileSavvy may just make one’s life a little easier. Like any other software it has a toolbar to get access to the most important tasks with just a click. It has tons of other features, which are just unique and a few of them are mentioned below.

It can also outline composite file organization jobs such as archiving, deleting, copying, moving etc. With an effective drag and Drop Interface and that too through a visual design. Moreover a workflow style procedure permits decision making such as performing a task like copying a file and take numerous paths relying on the result. It can also generate automatic workflow that is activated by the Actions of File Systems such as file modification, adding a new drive or may be just a simple timer.

In addition to the above mentioned features, one may save work process and run them again just by simply Right Clicking in Windows Explorer. FileSavvy is a free software and it can be used by anyone without suffering from any interface related or any other problems. Moreover it is a user friendly software and it do not require any additional hardware or software except DOT NET Framework and is supported by most Microsoft platforms like Windows 2000, XP, 2003.


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