DriveHQ FileManager

DriveHQ FileManager is an application that can be used both online and offline in order for users to benefit from different features. The utility can easily replace the functionality of Windows Explorer so that users can use this app in order to manage their files and folders. They can quickly copy or move files by dragging and dropping them from one side of the interface to toe other. DriveHQ FileManager has its interface split between two sides so that two folders can be opened at once for quick management. Users can connect to online locations which will be displayed in the right side of the screen. They can access FTP servers if they have the login credentials to them. They will have the contents of the online location displayed as usually and they can access all of the files, as long as they have the privileges granted from the server itself. DriveHQ FileManager also provides users online storage space on the company’s servers. This way, they can add various files they want to keep safe or access from another location. They will just have to provide a password in order to access the needed files from a new PC and they can benefit from file encryption in order to keep documents safe at all times.

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