Directory Lister

Directory Lister is an application that can be used by people who want to create file lists from their folders available on the computer or on various other storage devices. The utility is a high quality file manager that is able to provide more support than Windows Explorer itself, which lacks functions available here. With the aid of the simple interface and easy to understand commands, users can start and create file lists immediately.

Directory Lister is able to create file lists after it receives a path to work with. This can be a local folder which might contain sub-folders, too, but it can also be an external storage device, such as a DVD or a USB flash drive. All of these file lists are saved in a user-chosen location and they can be edited at any time. In order to create good looking lists that users can read through with ease, the utility provides users a series of templates that can be used, which contain different colors, columns and spacings.

Directory Lister can export the file lists in three different formats, as plain text files, as HTML files or as CSV files, the latter being the easiest to convert towards an XML format, when needed. The tool also has access to the printer so that it can print the file lists within seconds, either with or without a template.

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