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A product from the house of DNAML, Desktop Author is an eBook application that is intended to help users create and publish eBooks. Although the tool does involve a learning curve, it is still quite simple to use and implement. The tool comes integrated with various features that allow you to implement various desktop publishing tasks such as adding or removing pages, adding images, formatting texts, etc. Most of the tools are intuitive and can be used with ease. But to get the most efficient usage of the various capabilities of the tool, it is recommended that you refer to the extensive Help feature that comes along with the tool.

The application assumes that you would be familiar with the DML and DNL file formats; if you are not conversant with these files it can be a confusing experience trying to publish your eBook or even to package it. However, this program claims to be an easy to use tool for those who are familiar with eBooks. One of the prominent features offered by this tool is the ability to add interactive forms in their electronic books, besides the standard image and text. You can also create cross-references in the content by linking images and text to different parts of your book. This feature is also useful to link your table of contents to the actual content within the book. Another important feature offered by this tool is the digital rights management function that allows readers to preview some parts of the book before purchasing it.

You can check out the various functionalities of this tool using its trial version. However, this version only allows you to create two pages. A Windows platform based tool, you can implement it in Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions. The publishers claim that you can use this tool to create several electronic publications and documents including e-catalogs, e-brochures, e-cards, multimedia based eBooks and presentations, digital diaries, exams and forms, etc. The tool also offers support for QuickTime, Flash, and WMP files; allowing you to add multimedia elements into your electronic documents. Moreover, it also offers support for internal calculation engines and offers various security features for your electronic documents and publications.

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