DBS to XLS (Excel) Convertor

The XLS format is useful in many ways. The Microsoft Excel format allows the management of much information. Further it also provides many other facilities to the users. But a main problem in Microsoft Excel is it is not able to understand the memo fields. This tool is also incapable of understanding the long character fields. Thus BDS to XLS (excel) Convertor helps the users to resolve this type of problem. The problem is easily resolved by converting the DBS files into possible XLS format.

BDS to XLS (excel) Convertor is an expert in doing so. It takes mush lesser time to complete the conversion process. As because XLS could not understand some of the dbf files, so the converted files have a much better understanding of the files and it decreases the trouble of the user in all possible way. This program works on a simple process and the users can easily understand the working of the application.

BDS to XLS (excel) Convertor can be easily run in a batch mode. The convertor is a preferred tool by many users making it worth the quality. The program has the working capability on Windows XP along with Windows Vista. It also nicely works with the operating system of Windows 7 at equal quality and standard making it same way reliable.

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