Brain Tease

Retaining memory and using it for further application is a big problem for everyone, especially the little children. This task is now made easy with this program called Brain Tease. It is a type of software that helps the users enhance their memory retention power along with helping it to focus towards its objectives. It enhances the ability to concentrate among the little kids. The popularity of the software can be estimated by the fact that more than 1,700 downloads have been registered from different parts of the world since its inception in January 2013.

This game-based software makes the children take deeper interest towards it and that is where its success stands. This software works well with all popular operating systems from Windows including Vista, XP, Windows Vista 64, and Windows 2007. The users must have a free disc space of 1.1 MB to download this software onto their system. This free software can be very interesting for the little kids. The criteria of performance are also very interesting. It is usually measured in time taken by the users to unscramble and finish the games.

Playing more games can improve the mental abilities and agility of the children and make them more capable to retaining their memory for longer period. Brain Tease also reveals the answers of the games in the end so that the players can check their performance in the best possible manner. This software under home and education category is successful in raising the mental abilities to a certain height indeed.


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