Batch Access Database Compactor

Batch Access Database Compactor is an Access Database Compactor application that can help its users in repairing and compacting Access databases without even requiring the installation of MS Office. This software application provides its users with support for project and command line. This software application offers its users with an intuitive graphic user interface which makes it extremely simple and convenient for its users. The user interface also provides the users with drag and drop capabilities along with support for Explorer Context, which makes it even more convenient for the users.

The users of this Access Database Compactor will find it extremely easy to control the compression action. This is because the Compactor provides efficient compression capabilities with its Multi-Thread compress engine. The users can stop or pause the compression process at any point of time according to their discretion and can continue it again without any difficulties. Thus, the users can carry on the compress action according to their convenience without any restrictions.

The Batch Access Database Compactor software application allows its users to save any compacted and shrunk data in the form of project files for further use. The users can run the saved file in the form of batch-axeszip projects in the Microsoft Windows Explorer or directly through the command line. This software provides support for compacted and shrunk mdb/accdb file and mdb/accdb files in a folder. Thus, users of this Access Database Compactor application can repair their Access files and save them for reuses with the necessity of installing MS office in their system. Therefore, this software application can be the perfect choice for compacting and repairing Access databases.

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