Anxiety Release Based On EMDR

Anxiety Release based on EMDR is a useful health tool that shows how you can release anxious feelings and thoughts naturally with the power of your own brain. The application makes this possible by combining together focused attention and guided instructions with bilateral brain stimulation. This is a treatment element of the EMDR and is basically an innovative treatment based upon the use of sensory stimulation for altering the anxiety provoking responses and memories. As this process affects the unconscious and sensing part of your brain, you need not struggle with any feelings or make any effortful thinking. You just need to listen and leave the rest to the app and your brain.

The program is made up of a brain training session, two guided anxiety management sessions, a safe place exercise, a pure bilateral stimulation session and more to help you get rid of anxiety problem. The application features progress logging functions that provide prompts and also offers powerful visual brain simulating activity related to anxiety reduction. Follow the app and reduce anxiety in the most effortless way and the shortest time!

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