Anxiety Mint

Anxiety Mint is a highly effective health tool that uses the Cognitive Bias Modification for treating anxiety. About 80% of the patients of Social Anxiety Disorder are cured with CBM study’s eight sessions of fifteen minutes each. It is proved that CBM is effective in reducing anxiety just as medication and talk therapy. This technique is based upon the idea that people suffering from anxiety tend to have a biased attention towards threatening things. For instance, an anxious person sitting in a room full of people would focus on the person who may have given him unfriendly, awkward look. CBM is designed to work by changing these negative biases.

To achieve this purpose, the technology uses an effective but simple program encouraging user to focus upon positive information. The CBM session comprises of displaying four images on screen out of which three are negative and one is positive. The patient needs tap that positive image as much quick as he can. You get points based on your speed. As you learn focusing on positive information, a decrease in the overall anxiety level will be experienced. The program allows adjusting the session length from the settings. Completing 15-20 minutes of CBM exercises each week is beneficial.

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