Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a small but powerful tool in the domain of reading PDF documents. This Portable Document Format has been designed by Adobe and they had to offer a tool designed to work with it, hence the mentioned application has been created. Since its initial launch, various improvements have been added and now, the tool features a lot of different options that allow a user to make the most out of his experience with PDF files. Adobe Reader is distributed for free and it is available at a small download, that has gathered over sixty million downloads worldwide, making it one of the leading PDF tools.

The application is widely regarded as the standard in the domain and it is used as a comparison measure to others of the same kind. Because of this, developers have to maintain a high standard, thus the latest feature of the reader is the subscription service to Adobe Online, which allows users to better manage their PDF files as part of a system similar to cloud storage. This can be achieved by creating an account and the user can set it to log in automatically when the application is started on the computer.

A top feature is the loud reader, which allows the user to listen to the document being read out loud if he has headphones or speakers. There are also a few editing options available and using them, the user can easily add a signature to such a document or he can tweak various settings in order to make the most out of a certain document. Then again, the online features of the reader allow users to convert files from the standard format to various formats such as DOC or even XLS files for spreadsheet use, maximizing the possibilities of the app.

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