Zopim is a live chat support software with a unique chat design, strong analytical tools and a wide variety of integrated programs. It gives the visitors of your website with a wide variety of contact tools while helping you to understand your customer’s habits and needs through strong analytical methods. When you first log in, Zopim welcomes you with some useful information. On the left side of the screen, you get to access to all the tools and resources. The software also houses the customer care support button.

Everything in Zopim is web-based. You can access the administrative window from anywhere you have a web connection. The live chat window is unique and gives your website a fresh feel. The operators are given with options to set up conditions for inviting clients to chat. These conditions include page views, geographical locations, time on a page and so on. And it also provides information about the visitors like their names, email id, notes and past chat.

The History and Visualization tabs help you to fetch real-time visitor information. The analytical capabilities are integrated with several other services including Highrise, UserVoice, Batchbook, Salesforce, Google Analytics and several others. Zopim comes with several tutorial bubbles that increases its usability.



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