Zombie Night: a survival game

A thrilling adventurous zombie game is presented by Thetis Games which will take you the city of New York where a dangerous zombie invasion took place. You are only one who is still alive in the city. You have to survive from the thousands of zombies who are searching for your human blood. The only way to survive from them is to shoot them and find the secured place for your life.

The weapons what you can use against the nefarious enemies are the shotgun and M16 Rifle. It is an action game with the FPS or First Person Shooter mode. The graphics and the sounds effects are very realistic to make you scared. You can get inside the buildings to hide from the zombies. You can play the game in 4 different realistic environments. In the tutorial mode the location will be warehouse and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th missions are named as take back Los Angeles, Save Hollywood and Survive.



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