Your Uninstaller

Your Uninstaller is a small application that will prove useful when applications do not want to behave. There is a standard uninstaller feature built in the Windows operating systems and although it manages to remove programs, it does not do it as some might expect. Some tools cannot be uninstalled with the aid of the standard tool, while others leave tons of broken Registry files behind, so a third party application like the current one might be used in order to deal with problems and safely remove software apps from the computer.

Besides the main feature of the application, there are other useful tools that can help a user optimize his system after cleaning it up from a certain program. The interface can be adjusted in order to show more compact or detailed list with the installed applications and despite the fact that all of the tools installed in the PC will show up, a smart feature of the uninstaller will prevent the user from uninstalling crucial components. If one does not want to actually uninstall an app, he can also use the AutoFixer in order for the tool to scan issues that prevent the selected application from behaving normally.

The uninstaller wizard provides four different modes in which it can work, and each of them will provide various options. Besides these options that can automate the uninstalling process, a user can also choose to clean the Registry in order to remove useless entries created by applications that have been uninstalled. A file shredder is also available and this can replace the Recycle Bin’s functions in order to provide a faster and better deletion process. Empty folders are also no longer a problem, because a built-in tool will automatically scan for such folders that remain behind after uninstalls and it will remove them.



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