XWidget is a bundle of different widgets that can be installed for free on the computer in order to make the desktop more useful. Widgets are usually used to display various aspects of the computer, such as the resource usage, or they can show the weather forecast. Users can also use “sticky notes” widgets in order to remember things, but they will have to install them separately. However, this application brings a lot of useful desktop widgets under the same roof and allows the user to have them available within a matter of seconds.

The widgets have basic aspects but they can be customized by the users according to everybody’s liking – aspects such as the font, the size or the colors of the widgets can be easily edited for a whole batch of desktop items or for a single one. This way, a desktop can become a unique work environment that will allow each user to find out every bit of information that he needs, ranging from weather aspects to his to-do list of the day. The Designer tool of the application allows more advanced users to also create their own widgets and they can be later shared with the community.

Even the Dashboard can be customized. This part of the application contains all of the back-end settings that can be applied and here the user can find a list with all of the available widgets. Different layouts can be created and they can be saved with the aid of the tool. This way, multiple users can create multiple designs for the same desktop – these designs can be loaded with only a couple of clicks through the Dashboard. Right clicking widgets allows users to either edit them in the designer tool or configure them in order to show relevant data to their needs.



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