xrecode II

xrecode II is a good quality converter which can work with multiple types of audio files and provide quality results. The installation process should not take more than a minute or two and after this is ready, users will be greeted by a plain interface with various options. First of all, users can import files or simply drag and drop them to have them put in the queue.

Then, xrecode II allows them to choose a file format as an output for the files. More than 20 different formats are available, including lossless FLAC. This format requires some processing times but the quality of the audio files will be increased. However, every user can choose whatever he needs. Besides this main option, there are also other fine tuning ones which can further improve the conversion process.

Users can work with xrecode II in order to specify various locations in which files should be saved and they can also choose what to do with the original files. Metadata is also important when it comes to music files and users have a separate tab in which they can input all of the required fields, including the album name or the year of appearance. Moreover, users can also choose an image for the album and have it loaded.



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