Xnews is a Usenet freeware newsreader which comes with many supplementary attributes. This utility software is fashioned by Luu Tran and is written in Delphi language. It is an easy to use application which circumvents the superfluous headers to disorder the hard drive. The additional facets of this software to incorporate a quick filtering option, multiple servers support, a score file in the process of advanced filtering, binaries handling, article catching and optional header to name a few.

Installation of Xnews software is also a trouble-free method. All the installation files are required to be unzipped and saved in any directory for successful installing of this application software. It is also harmless to overwrite the whole thing as it remains integral. There is also an opportunity to use the special keyboard mapping technique to decode several binaries by following a hassle free methodology using this software.

Xnews has the competency to reduce the reply sound problems. It can organize the pledged newsgroups in detached folders so that high speed navigation can be achieved. Permanent message archive and binary attachment support are some of the aspects proficiently covered by this application software. With all these extra qualities, it has become very user friendly in the market.



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