Xfire is one of the leading applications in the domain of game management tools and it is pretty easy to work with it. The app can be installed with ease and afterwards, users will be prompted to login or register an account with the app. The registration process is simple and after this step is also complete, the gamer can start adding games to his account. The app manages to scan the computer in a smart manner, using a pre-loaded database, in order to find various games that are installed on the computer. The tool will detect the executable file of each game and they will be added to a list.

From there, games can be easily started and the app will keep track of the gaming progress related to the number of in-game hours that have passed. This way, each user will be able to receive both ranks for a certain game and for the overall standing of the account. The interface is easily accessible within games, too, and this way, users can chat with their friends without minimizing the game beforehand. Friends can now be added either by inputting their nickname into the search box, or by connecting the Xfire account with a Facebook account, for example.

Xfire also provides solutions for those that want to take screenshots of a game, allowing everyone to set a favorite key in order to take these pictures. Videos can also be recorded and after users stop the recording, they can easily save the video and upload it onto their profile. When it comes to multiplayer games, if friends are on a certain server and are engaged into a game of this kind, users can join them using only a mouse click. Most important, this game management application is free to use.



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