wxCommander is a powerful file manager that brings in a lot of functions easily accessible with the aid of a simple interface. The GUI can be customized in order for users to be able to highlight files based on their extension, for example, for a better management. However, this is not the strongest point of the app, as there are actual tools that make it really useful.

wxCommander works in a two-panel mode and users can easily transfer files between two folders. The app has multiple built-in tools which increase its functionality. ISO files can be created from within the app in a matter of minutes, along with ZIP archives. These archives can also be opened and have their content extracted.

wxCommander allows users to edit text files from within the app with the aid of the built-in editor and file previews are also available. Besides the two main panels, more of them can be created if they are needed and users can manage more folders at once. A search engine is also available for those that want to find certain files on their computer and different filters can be applied to narrow down search results. Moreover, the tool does not require an installation process in order to run.



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