Worldcraft 2

Worldcraft 2 for PC is the best survival game app that you can come across. There are randomly generated maps in the game, which helps you create your own worlds, or there are blocks as well, which you can use to make your own world, along with the help of thousands of people all over the world, via the internet. And this can be done in Multiplayer Mode. Another great feature of the game is that, you can even explore worlds that have been created by other people, and the worlds which you create, can be uploaded for others to see.

But if you don’t want everyone else to see your created worlds, then you can lock the designs by using a password as well. The game is a survival game, where you have to save yourself from zombies, aggressive mobs and pumpkin heads. A player’s health can be saved by hunting down animals such as chickens, cows, pigs and horses.

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