WorkingPoint happens to be one of today’s efficient and smooth running softwares offered for conventional accounting. This software lets you perform all the traditional accounting operations that are expected from a software of this kind. This software can be a real good option for independently or solo working contractors and users who intend to finely prepare invoices and earn from it. Here the invoices can be customized with personal messages, users’ logo, and font choices.

With WorkingPoint’s help recurring invoices can be handled; also taxes and discounts can be calculated. And finally you can save or email the produced invoices as PDF files. With the help of WorkingPoint one can perform tasks like creating tax reports, monitoring accounts, generating financial reports, managing bills, and of course creating invoices. You get a cool and useful dashboard with this.

The dashboard gives you a quick view of things like, bill dues, each day operating costs, links for common tasks, banking summaries, and expenses. You can make invoices effortlessly with the help of item-information and stored contact. Its mobile version goes with platforms like Androids and iPhones; and happens to be free with your regular account of this software. WorkingPoint also allows you to add payroll services; offers you tools for email-marketing; and lets you work with online company-profiles.



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