WomanLog Pro Calendar

WomanLog Pro Calendar is a complete fertility and menstrual calendar designed for women. The application helps with menstrual period and cycle, fertility and ovulation forecast, BMT chart and three months summary on single screen. Useful functions like weight tracking, pills, mood and symptoms tracking, multiple calendars, statistics and notification are also offered. Use the program’s unique circular calendar, ovulation date, luteal phase, cervical mucus monitoring, mood, cycle overview, pregnancy test, ovulation test, moon phases, blood pressure and notifications to stay updated about your menstruation or pregnancy.

The calendar itself gives access to all these main functions and you can easily add or edit settings for each day by tapping finger on calendar date. All the information and forecasts are reliable and accurate and you can surely make decisions based on those. The interface of the app is user friendly and simple to use and available in multiple languages. Choose the one that suits you and make your life easier! Try the application on your desktop with BlueStacks emulator for free!



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