Wise Registry Cleaner Portable

Wise Registry Cleaner Portable helps in cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting the registry of a system. It is capable of creating automatic backups and runs it at regular intervals. This tool is very much essential to clean up the disks as well as the whole system before making any kind of changes in the registry and this is exactly what is done by the Wise Registry Cleaner Portable.

After the first run, the Wise Registry Cleaner Portable suggests the user to back up the registry and after the user permission, it does it by itself. A control panel on the left hand side of the application interface provides sixteen different selections. However, making the default selection and having the scan is quite effective. After completing the scan, the main view page of the tool shows all the registry entries, values, data, sub keys and categories in various columns. A filter panel lets the user to select all the entries to be fixed. The default selection of the program includes only the entries that are safe to fix. The registry defragmenter tool reviews the scan results, creates a restore point and starts defragmenting and it is done with it after a normal reboot.

Wise Registry Cleaner Portable has the capability to run without any kind of installation from the removable memory devices. This feature makes this application quite versatile. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 OS.



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