Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller is a suited tool for users that need to get rid of various applications from their computer. There are various situations in which the standard uninstaller feature is not really useful and such an application might be helpful. A few different options are available for the user when he starts up the tool for the first time, and he can change the settings in order to have a better experience while browsing and uninstalling applications from the computer.

Wise Program Uninstaller provides its users a clean interface in which they can clearly see each application that is installed. Included information relates to the path and to the size of the installation folder. Besides these options, a total calculation will be made and the tool will allow the user to know how much space is occupied by these installed tools. The lower area of the screen shows the total number of installed application and the total space that is occupied on the disk. Programs that cannot be uninstalled using the safe mode option can have the uninstall process forced onto them. This way, the tool will be able to get rid of the files.

Unlike the standard Windows uninstaller feature, this one can get rid of everything that is related to a certain tool. Registry files usually remain behind when an app is uninstalled and even though they are useful, they still manage to clog up the whole file tree. However, with the aid of this tool, the Registry can be cleaned up with ease in order to avoid problems with the whole system. Empty folders that remain present on the computer can also be deleted automatically with the aid of Wise Program Uninstaller. The tool is compatible with every Windows version and offers increased usability for the latest OS versions.

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