Wise Game Booster

As the name explains, Wise Game Booster helps boosting your games. This free PC tool lets you optimize your computer so that you get the most out of your favorite games. Easy to install and use, the program, upon installation, enables you to scan your system for those games already owned by you. Once you have all you want, you can start optimizing them right from the main window. The application essentially tries and detects all the problems that may affect while playing the PC games.

The program focuses upon speed and stability aspects of how fast your network and system run. Once all the potential problems have been identified, the application gives you the facility of disabling certain processes and services in order to optimize the PC operation when playing games on it. It also lets you restore the changes back to the original settings just with a single click. Designed specifically for games, the tool focuses upon optimizing the system for better game playing. This is what makes it different than other general purpose programs as you can optimize those aspects of your PC that affect game performance.

Enhance your gaming experience with this simple free tool!

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