Wise Auto Shutdown

There are several things that can be done using Wise Auto Shutdown like shut down, restart, log off and close power at any time that you want. Wise Auto Shutdown will start work in the background after the task has been started. You will get the main interface back to the desktop from the tray after double clicking it. Before carrying out its task, Wise Auto will remind you of the choice.

There are several reasons why people choose this software out of many of this kind. First of all, it is free to use. Users can freely download it, update it and can get its technical supports. This software is pretty easy to use. There is only one interface of this software. On the main interface all the features are shown. It has the ability to finish various tasks like shutting down the machine or logging it off or closing power or restarting. There are various ways to specify the time as well. The time of executing your task can be specified in several ways. A reminder of the selected task before performing it is another interesting feature of it.

The running mode of this software is silent in the background. To view it in the main screen, a double click is all you need to do. These are the features for which it has become so famous among the users. Use it to understand its features in a better way. This software is supported smoothly by latest Windows OS like XP, ME, Vista, 7 and 8.



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