WinNc is an application that works as a file manager and it is able to provide full support to users who want to benefit from more functions than those offered by the simple Explorer within Windows. The interface of this utility is simple and it is split between two main tabs, each of them being designed for a folder. Thus, users can access two locations simultaneously.

WinNc works with the drag and drop function so that users can send files from one folder to the other in an instant. Users can also bring files from external locations and have them dropped in an open folder within the tool. The application also works with several keyboard shortcuts so that users can quickly achieve the needed tasks. There are various filters that can be applied when selecting files; for example, one can only select images or files that have a certain size and have them moved.

WinNc is also able to provide support in other fields, too. There is the possibility to create archives and also access already existing ones. Files can be directly edited if they are text files and they can be previewed if they are images. Also, multiple files can be burned on discs directly from within the app.



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