WinHex is a very useful and valuable software for the forensics and IT security. It is a widespread hexadecimal editor. The software also proves to be helpful in the sphere of computer data recovery. It is an up to date and advanced device on a daily basis as well as helpful in urgent situations. This software can keep an eye on every file and edit those. Not only has it also contained ability to recover lost data. So if the user’s file system is corrupted and files are deleted, then those can be recovered. Some more features about this software are given.

WinHex contains some unique feature which makes it one of its kind. The features include Native support for FAT and NTFS, disk editor for CD-ROM, hard disk and DVD. Beside these it has active disks like RAM editor which enables access to RAM and also contains other virtual memory.

WinHex also has a Data explainer that has access to 20 data types and the ability to edit data structure using templates such as the repair table and boot sector. All these features are totally new and make WinHex extremely vulnerable. It has up to date feature to analyze files. The software is very fast which makes it one of its kind.



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