Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the classic free movie editing tool provided by Windows and despite it is not a standard feature in the latest versions of the operating system, it can still be installed if users need the basic application. Some might prefer it because it uses a more straightforward approach to video editing and there are not too many confusing features. Also, it has a cleaner interface that tends to go along with other Windows designs. This way, more functionality is provided, without the tool looking ugly.

The installation process does not allow the user to change the folder in which the tool will be installed, and this is because the OS treats it as a standard component and automatically installs it in the Program Files folder. From there, the app can be launched and a person can easily start creating videos. The timeline is featured in the lower area of the interface. After videos have been added in the main interface, they can be inserted into the timeline and here, the user can apply all of the edits available, starting from a higher volume to various effects and transitions in between various movie clips.

In order for the user to know about the changes that he applied to a certain movie, the application features a small media player in the right area of the interface. Using it, a person can easily see the whole movie before he proceeds to saving it. There are multiple formats available but the video can also be saved in relation to a maximum allowed size. High definition videos are also supported as output formats and the creation process is quite fast, even if it takes up a lot of resources. The tool is recommended for every user that wants to create a video with basic effects.

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