Windows 7 Start Button Changer

Windows 7 Start Button Changer is an application with a pretty straightforward name and users can easily work with it. The app does not require an installation process to be performed and it can be run from USB flash drives, for example. Within the tool, the standard Windows 7 Start button is stored for backup purposes.

After users launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer, the utility will scan the Start bar in order to detect the current button designed that is installed on it. This is displayed in the upper left corner of the window. The main option of the app allows users to select their own Start button that will be used on the computer. This requires them to browse towards it and select it with the aid of the Explorer search tool.

Windows 7 Start Button Changer then replaces the current button with the selected one and users can instantly see the effect. However, even if this is such a minor element of the operating system, it is always better to be protected and users are advised to create a system restore point. On the other hand, they can also restore the original button from within the tool itself if there are any problems with the chosen image.



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