Window Security Toolkit

In today’s world of increasing cyber crimes, where every other day new and more powerful viruses are being spawned on the internet, many would be of the opinion that single-level protection for your computer system is not sufficient. Keeping that in mind you can well have a look at Dr. Salman’s Window Security Toolkit, which assuredly adds an extra layer of protection to the security system of your Windows OS. Over 51 advanced protective settings are included in this security tool in order to make your computer absolutely safe from every angle.

Window Security Toolkit sports a smart-looking interface exclusively designed to meet all needs of the user, besides being absolutely easy even for a beginner to operate. Not only as a security tool, but this software acts as a security. It systematically arrays computer sections according to their functions. It employs different color schemes to indicate actions required for application or removal of certain security features to these sections. Surely adding message prompts with the color schemes would be more helpful to the user.

Apart from this, Window Security Toolkit will also enable you to control unauthorized access to your personal settings by unwanted users. This feature restricts their access to the important areas like display settings, network, control panel, passwords, dos, games, memory, printers, desktop, system settings, browser settings and so on. Each setting can be modified only by means of the application itself, which is protected by password. It also uses SHA1 160 bit and MD5 file-encryption algorithms and the exclusive Ultra Desktop Lock facility.



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