This is a screen reader software that brings many aspects to the table that otherwise go missing in other software products. To start with the advantages, it has a capability of supporting third party applications for specific tasks. The verbosity settings can be altered as per the software you are using and there is no uniform verbosity setting. The software can read out spelling and grammar errors if you happen to be using a word processor.

The software has been specially designed for the visually challenged and thus eliminates the need of a screen magnifier. However, the major drawback is the absence of the pronunciation correction tool that could allow the user to alter the way a word is pronounced by default. The software reads out anything you point your mouse to. Thus selecting options is very easy using this. There are two voice options – both masculine.

The interface is very simple and a comprehensive tutorial prepares you for it. The help and support options could be improved upon slightly. Whatever be the case, Window-Eyes is a good software to lay hands upon. It may not be rich on features, but is quite effective at what it does. This is the reason, that it is widely used all across the globe.

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