Weka is an extremely useful machine-learning tool that helps its users in finding out relevant data from a virtual ocean of information stored in online databases. This data mining solution consists of a collection of machine learning algorithms, which can efficiently extract the information that is likely to be of value to its users. The writing of this software tool is in Java and it is fit to run on almost every platform. Thus, users can use this software for efficient data mining of useful information irrespective of the platform they are working with.

The users can opt to either apply the Weka machine-learning tool directly to any dataset or call from their own Java code. The software includes two executable options for its users. The first option is to use the command line while the second option consists of a graphical user interface or GUI. The command line has its benefits in taking up less memory space and allowing the users to execute a greater number of functions. On the other hand, the user interface is far simpler to use and is perfect for the users with less experience and technical knowhow.

The users can choose any of the four main applications included in the user interface of Weka. These four main applications are Experimenter, Explorer, SimpleCLI, and KnowledgeFlow. The software also allows its users to choose the way to display the information including display in 2D, direct graphs in the form of decision trees, graphs in XML and other formats, and various other such options. Users can use filters, classify the data, perform regressions, or use clusters to make association. Thus, users can extract useful information with utmost efficiency by using this machine-learning tool.



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