Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Tracker

One of the best weight tracking application designed for Android, Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Tracker provides an easy way to follow your changing weight if you are on a weight loss plan. You can use it to set your weight losing or gaining goals and track your progress and also keep track of the body measurements, BFI, BMI and more. The most important advantage of this tool is that it helps boosting your motivation for losing or gaining weight. So wait not and start today with the most effective, comprehensive weight tracker right on your desktop! Find it with the search tool of BlueStacks App Player and download the free trial today!

The program features a user friendly interface and a configurable background color gradient. You can configure the units, display date format, goal date and starting goal as well as the password. Not only weight, you can track your BFI, BMI, body measurements like hips, thighs, calves, chest, forearms, biceps, waist, etc. It also lets you add your daily notes. The app gives you ideal weight calculation for your body, calculates the success chances automatically. You can save the reports and the charts or share via Facebook, Twitter and email. It generates precise, clear reports and charts to let you view your daily, weekly, monthly progress.

There is also a synthesis option available for visualizing the details of your weight change so as to help you reach your goal faster. You can export this synthesis as HTML . The perfect weight tracking app for anybody interested in losing or gaining weight effectively!



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