An extra layer of protection to your computer system and internet connection should be always welcome in these days of increasing cybercrimes. WebScout, a product by Globalpatrol, is efficient protective software appropriately based on the motto: “Prevention is better than cure.” It is helpful for large organizations as well as personal users to monitor and control access to internet. WebScout is a powerful proxy that can monitor, filter and restrict web access for a number of web browsers and internet apps.

The attractive and easy-to-use graphical interface enables you to create web access rules and criteria through very simple procedures, by means of which you can deny or allow access to unwanted websites. These denials or allowances can be made on the basis of username, domain name, and time of access, directory, and file name and so on. Another interesting feature that this software provides is Quota Management. This feature enables you to confine the speed for certain types of applications within a slower speed limit, so that they do not crowd and slow down your internet connection. WebScout incorporates a usage counter that keeps records of bandwidth and time spent by a user on the internet in a given period. Usage limits can be applied to users if they exceed their quota.

Because of the SOCKS 5 proxy it is possible for WebScout to restrict usage of internet programs in larger scale, including FTP, e-mail, IRC and IM chats. Using the built-in filters adult content and unwanted advertisements can be filtered as well. Because of being centrally deployed its maintenance is simple even for a novice.



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