WebCam Recorder

WebCam Recorder is an application designed to help users who want to record various streams with the aid of their webcam. The utility is compatible with all sorts of webcam devices so that users do not have to worry about such issues. The tool is easy to set up and during this time, it will automatically detect any webcam that is connected to the computer.

After the setup is ready, WebCam Recorder can start recording whenever the user wants to. A hotkey can be assigned so that users can instantly start the recording process. The tool can work not only with a single webcam, but also with multiple ones at once. This way, a small surveillance system can be built for a household with a minimum budget. The tool can live stream the videos on the internet or it can store them locally on the computer. Different formats and resolutions will provide files of various sizes.

WebCam Recorder does not need an external video player in order to display the video files that have been recorded. All of them are presented in a list view so that users can quickly select and play one with the aid of the built-in player. Freezing and slowing down frames is possible in order to capture special moments.

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