People want and need to be informed regarding weather, and a good application that can be used is WeatherBug. There are no difficult steps during the installation process and it is also quite easy to set up the tool. However, users must take note of the fact that the app needs constant internet access in order to update itself whenever new information regarding the weather forecast is available. When in offline mode, the tool will only provide cached info that contains the latest weather forecast.

The user interface might seem a little bit crowded, but in this space all of the required elements regarding the forecast are available. The left area of the UI features a sidebar from where users can move into different tabs and find out various info about the current or future weather. The main screen presents the current weather situation and the temperature can be displayed in either metric or imperial units. Depending on the user’s location, a map can also be provided and there, people can see the direction in which clouds move and their future locations.

Various alerts can be automatically received when different weather conditions are predicted. It will be really easy to discover such a notification, because there will be a sound played in the background and a pop-up will also appear in the lower area of the screen, if the tool is minimized. The app can run in the background and it will not require too many resources. This software program can be installed for free and the updates can be provided hourly or even more often, if they are available. A desktop widget can also be customized and it will only require the ZIP code of the location and users can easily edit it if they change location.



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