Wandering Willows

If you wish to play a fun adventure game that is set in a beautiful and well depicted island with cheerful characters, then Wandering Willows is the game for you. You are an explorer and as you are flying around in your hot air balloon, a bird manages to tear a part of your balloon and you land in a strange island far from home. If you wish to get back home you will have to befriend the happy-go-lucky people on the island and seek their help to repair your ride home. Finding help is not an issue as the inhabitants of the island are more than happy to assist you, and you also have a series of pets who have taking to you and seem to be besides you forever.

There are about 162 different and unique quests in Wandering Willows and you will have a jolly good time completing them all. The game revolves around the premise of making friends and socializing skills. You get to customize the character that you play and the customization is very detailed and unique. There are a lot of challenges in your path as the quests are by no means easy or boring to perform. There are also alien aircrafts that cause a hindrance in the lives of the people of the island, and you have to deal with them.

The game play of Wandering Willows is very unique and a lot of fun to play. the animation of the characters is done very well and they are also very funny. The social interaction in the game is a bonus if you wish to develop your social skills and can help you a great deal. The plot of the game is simple enough but there is not a single boring thing about Wandering Willows as there is never a shortage of tasks to perform and friends to make!



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