Walking Meditations

Walking Meditations is a fitness tool that lets you enjoy the benefits of meditation while walking. Walking meditation is as effective as sitting meditation and is perfect for those people having trouble sitting to meditate. And those who like sitting meditation, it stands as an innovative method bringing meditation into each moment of day. The app is based on a simple, informal approach to walking meditation. The meditation guide you gently to experience your body and the surroundings as you walk, getting rid of the mind’s preoccupation with other things going on. These meditations let you stay away from the thoughts about future and the past so that you can enjoy the present moment completely.

The application includes three different walking meditations each having a different emphasis. It also offers tips on making the most out of the walking meditation. There is a diary page available for those willing to keep notes on experiences and insights. The three walking meditation are – 1. Being Fully Present : helps you be present completely to all the experiences while walking. 2. Enlivening the Body : focuses upon the body experiences while walking by enlivening the body, strengthening mind body connection and is very grounding and calming. 3. Enhancing the Senses : focuses on what you hear, see, smell, feel through the sense of touch while walking. This meditation works to enhance your experience of life by perception.

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