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A number of local servers block a few websites from accessing due to security reasons to protect the bandwidth from being exploited by unauthorized users. But in some cases, it is necessary to visit blocked sites without compromising the security to the server. In order to accomplish this thing, Vpn One Click is a piece of software, which will help the users in this perspective.

Vpn One Click helps in unblocking a number of websites by connecting to a virtual private network on its own server. It also alters the IP address of the terminal from the original one, which makes it feel that the request for a particular service is made from a different country. The internet connection will also be a fully encrypted one. The software also allows the users to change their IP addresses to view the television channels of a wide number of countries, which include USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, India, Romania, Switzerland, Japan, Italy etc. and that too without any limit in bandwidth or other similar limitations.

Vpn One Click also has a user friendly user interface that attracts a wide number of users from novice users to experts. The software is designed to work with almost all kinds of internet connections and ISPs all over the world. It is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems like XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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