Voice Finger

Voice Finger is an application tool that proves how the world has advanced in the modern technology. The tool performs all the desktop work just by listening to the voice of the user. This tool recognizes the speech and then it can move the mouse on the screen and do all the necessary works on the desktop that has to be done.

The user does not have to touch the desktop or the mouse or the keyboard. The command given to the software by the user through voice is enough for the tool to operate all the tasks on the system. The voice recognition software performs all the tasks that a user does by the help of hand and fingers. It can click anywhere on the screen. Voice Finger can press several keys simultaneously as if the user is typing on the keyboard.

Voice Finger can click the three buttons on the mouse to perform various works and it can also drag the mouse for various tasks to be done. Double clicking, holding and every other thing are done by the software just on the command of the user’s voice. This software is an effective tool for those, who are disabled or who are not able to use their fingers in the operation of the desktop. Voice Finger is effective on Windows Vista along with Windows 7 and Windows 8.



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