Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a useful software that offers various tools to the programmers to manage and develop their software in a unique way. With several features and techniques the tool is one of its kinds.

Now with the help of Visual Studio, software are made unique & brilliant. It offers several features & tools that developers find very easy to operate. A code editor is included in Visual Studio, which easily supports both the integrated debugger and IntelliSense. Those debugger works as a machine level debugger that enables the user to develop easily for several multiple platforms such as Windows Mobile, Microsoft Windows, NET Framework, Windows CE, Microsoft Silver light, and the NET Compact Framework. Both the beginners and experts can use this application.

What makes Visual Studio one of its kind and unique is its integrated built in languages that includes C/C++ [5], VB.NET, F# and C#. Some additional features are also present that supports Ruby, m and python. So with a wide range of tools, this software becomes vulnerable software. It can be used easily by beginners as it is easy to operate. This tool is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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