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Visual MP3 To WAV Converter

Visual MP3 To WAV Converter is an application that can be easily used by users who need to convert music files from the classic MP3 format to the WAV format. Each of these file types is useful in its own way and the WAV format provides higher quality, but also requires more disk space. However, users might want to convert their files for whatever reason.

Visual MP3 To WAV Converter has a really basic interface that does not contain eye-catching elements but this is the aim of the developers, allowing users to focus on the conversion task. There is a main window that contains a list and here, users can add their own files that have to be converted. They can add single files or even a whole folder, which will be scanned for MP3 files.

Visual MP3 To WAV Converter allows users to select different options regarding the WAV files, such as the specific format and the number of channels. An output folder can be selected so that the app can properly save the files and afterwards, the conversion process can be started. It will take seconds to complete for a song and several minutes for multiple files converted in a batch.



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