Visual Business Card

Even in the era of connectivity through the internet, business cards play a predominant role as a tangible medium for promulgation of business. Advancement in graphics designing has led to the development of visual business cards. This is an uncomplicated program that facilitates an individual to design and print their own, customized, professional business cards. To access this phenomenal software the user just needs to download the program installation file and run it.

The simplicity of access can be attributed to the thorough and well written help firewall. The step-by-step guideline helps the user to create unique professional business cards that stand out in the crowd. The reliability of the designing is accredited to the tons of templates and high quality background the designer can choose from. In this an intuitive software that the user has a wide variety of fonts and images from the custom clipart at his disposal. However the user can also introduce company logos and pictures. The software facilitates instant print preview to make any amendments to the information or designing.

This software is not only practical application but also easy to install, uninstall and upgrade. Intended user can download a 30 day trial software and dummy run through it to create customized business cards. However the cards printed under this test-drive has the word “SAMPLE” printed on it. On purchasing this comparatively inexpensive software, a user name and serial number are issued to the buyer to certify the program. The licensed software is free from the restrictions imposed on the test-drive software and can be used to print unlimited business cards. This software is basically compatible with all the latest Windows operating systems like Windows XP, ME, Vista, 7 and 8 also.



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