Vista Services Optimizer

Vista Services Optimizer provides you an easy way to work with system services on your Vista machine. Services are basically special components which manage various important tasks on the system like file indexing, security and connectivity and if you want to be able to disable any of them, it is necessary to go deep into the settings and use some technical knowledge. This is where this utility comes into picture and makes your job quick and easy. It provides you a user friendly, intuitive interface to manage all the system services from one place.

Easy to install and use, once launched, the application lets you select what services you want to be loaded upon Windows launch. It also allows optimizing the active services and even creating different user profiles, each for different service configurations. You can do it as per your requirement based upon the way you make use of your computer. What makes the program very simple to use is the number of several wizard type configuration tools which help deciding what services one needs and what not. The ones you do not want would be disabled, saving you processor power and memory, thereby enabling system to run smoothly and launch faster.

With this tool, you need not worry about something going wrong because it has a built in Rescue service which can restore the services to the default values. The better way to tweak Vista settings!



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