Virtual Villagers: New Believers

In Virtual Villagers: New Believers, you are responsible for the upkeep of your tribe as their leader, and their wellbeing is your main aim in the game besides many others. When the game begins, you will have to choose 5 very different villagers that can be added to your already existing tribe. However, you will have to be very careful when you choose the 5 new members as they will be responsible for converting the non-believers and making them a part of the tribe. Your main aim is to make sure that there is harmony and well being in the tribe with no clashes.

You will have to concentrate on creating more believers in the game. this is possible either by converting the faith of the non-believers in the game, or by raisin more children. If you want more power in the game then you will have to gain as many believers as possible. There will be a series of tasks that have to be completed in the game and to accomplish them you will have to direct your tribesmen and workers towards the tasks. To make sure that the tasks are completed with precision, you will have to ensure that the skills of the tribesmen match the task, or there will be chaos and confusion. The non-believer heathens will try and create a problem for you, so you will have to watch out for them.

The graphics are very cute to look at and this increases the appeal of the game. the characters and villagers in the game have been created in a unique manner so that you can differentiate between them easily. The colors in the game are bright that make the backgrounds look more appealing. You will attain various trophies and awards when the work is well done and this will give you a sense of accomplishment.





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