Virtual Villagers: A New Home

In Virtual Villagers: A New Home, there has been a natural disaster and you are stranded on an island that has a lot to offer. Your main aim is survival, and besides that you need to make sure that there are a number of things and occupations that the other people can engage in so that they can start life afresh. You will have to impart certain skills to the people like farming, how to research for new technologies, and also construct their homes in order to raise a complete family. It will be like living life from the scratch.

You will have to play the role of a guide of sorts that helps the villagers grow, manage their daily lives, and live a good life. There are also a number of secrets that the island holds, and soon the villagers want to find out everything about the island that is now their home. There are about 16 different and unique puzzles to solve in the game and also explore the entire island at your will. You will have to gain experience in the game and also use this to reach your goal in the game. Virtual Villagers: A New Home is set in real time and even when you are not present at your computer, the villagers are hard at work.

You will have to log into the game at regular intervals to make sure that the villagers are working just fine, that their health is not suffering, and the tasks are being completed. There are a series of discoveries to be made on the island with its beautiful graphics and detailing that help you have a realistic experience. All in all, Virtual Villagers: A New Home is suitable for people of all ages as it is simple and entertaining to understand and play.



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