Virtual DJ Home

Virtual DJ Home is an application that can be used by all sorts of users, even if they are novices or professionals. The tool has a bundle of utilities which are useful both in a studio and at a party. The app works with all sorts of audio files and having it in a mainstream format is not a requirement. Of course, the program works with lossless WAV and FLAC files.

Virtual DJ Home has a simple interface in which songs are displayed along a timeline. This way, edits can be done with ease and users have the possibility to use multiple tracks in order to combine songs or add effects separately from the track itself for easier management. The pitch and the volume of each song can be edited and there is a karaoke mode which edits a file so that its lyrics can be removed. Pitch, level and beat matching can be achieved automatically, if needed.

Virtual DJ Home also has a scratch function and users can work with a virtual turntable. This kind of effects can be performed live or they can be recorded on a song. A dedicated sound card is not required but it is recommended for users who want to achieve high quality when creating sound files.



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