VirIT eXplorer

If you are looking for a complete Windows OS security software that would safeguard your PC from unwanted intrusions of spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, adware, BHO and worms, then VirIT eXplorer Lite is the perfect antivirus product for you. It creates a secured gateway for all your internet activities, since it is adept in providing real time protection with its proactive Intrusion detection system.

Monitor the files and folders, downloads and the total security quotient of your PC with scheduled scans, regular scan and ADS stream cleaning. The updated Process Manager provides complete guidance and control over security processes. The software is capable of sorting all your startup programs according to dates. Moreover, it is even able to repair complex IE issues and fix your Internet Explorer.

You need not even worry about updating your antivirus at regular interval for the application is self enabled with an Automatic Update feature that gets activated whenever you are connected with internet. It is even capable of detecting unknown and unexplored streams of virus and spyware that have not yet been detected by the C.R.A.V. It runs probing scanning sessions from time to time. It also cleans the rootkit of Gromozone with the help of Link Optimizer.



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