View Mol3D is a dedicated program that helps the users to view the molecular structure produced with the calculations of quantum chemistry. It is entirely based upon 3-Dimensional (3D) structure that gives the users a very good view of the molecular structure. They can view this structure that is formed with the help of certain known graphics in the form of ball-and-sticks, only sticks, wire frame, and models of CPK. The viewers can see structures of all molecules that are known to chemists.

ViewMol3D displays the perfect structure with the help of geometrical structures that are base of structures displayed by molecules. It uses arrows to show the normal vibrations in any known molecule. The software can generate and save all the structures in PNG or BMP file extensions which are easier to open and view later by the users.

Categorized under the class of Computer Aided Design (CAD), ViewMol3D is available for free and it can run in all versions of Windows Operating system. While downloading this software, the users must have a system with good configuration with at least a disc space of 289 KB as because this is the size of the software. This was launched in June 2006 and more than 2,500 downloads have been made from different parts of the world. With the help of ViewMol3D, students of molecular chemistry have been greatly benefited.

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